Room Boom: Suburbia is a fun, innovative board game, involving control over area and money, like Monopoly or Carcassonne. Players must use both strategic thinking as well as puzzle solving skills to achieve victory over their opponents.

"Combining elements of popular land control board games like Carcassone with quick-paced moments of spatial puzzling action, Room Boom Suburbia brings something truly new into the virtual board game space."


The ultimate goal is to either have more money than your opponents at the end of the game, or finish it early by connecting areas on a whole row or column on the board (4-in-a-row style). Each tile on the board leads to a development area where you combine rooms you've built into houses. To be able to build profitable houses quickly, you must think about how you design them, or otherwise it might make your house-building life very difficult!

"Great variety for a board game, offers up something fresh for fans of land-ownership."


Over time, you're able use the points you make through playing the game to buy improvements that can either raise the value of the houses you build, or make it easier building them, or both! Awards can be unlocked by completing special challenges.

Room Boom: Suburbia can be player either by yourself, against opponents handled by the computer, or against up to 3 human opponents on the same computer.

So gather friends and family, scramble hammers and nails and let the game begin!

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"If you've ever been a fan of challenging property-control board games that involve more than moving a thimble past Ventnor Avenue, Room Boom Suburbia will probably be right up your alley."


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